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First Rule of Drama: Tell, Don’t Show (Hey, Shakespeare’s New at This)

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Enter Chorus, alone on the stage, and you know, as writers of drama say, he’s gonna lay a little pipe. (An expression which is not nearly as dirty as it sounds).

Well, it seems Ironside whups Cnut outta his boots, Cnut and the Danish folks run off to Worcester, followed by Ironside. As the Chorus explains all this, Cnut and Ironside enter – twice – fight, and both times, Ironside whips Cnut and Cnut runs off again. Then they’re in the middle of yet another battle, and Edricus the scumbag spreads a rumor that Ironside is dead. Well, Ironside’s troops commence gittin’ while the gittin’s good, but then Ironside bellows that he’s right here, ain’t going no place, and his soldiers one-eighty and begin the fight again. But Cnut weighs in, fighting his little heart out.

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