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Lieutenant Colonel Joseph R. Snider

Joseph Rufus Snider was born near Mt. Eden in Shelby County on June 10, 1831. When the war broke out, recruited most of Company B, the Mt. Eden Sharpshooters, and was elected first captain of Company B. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel on October 9, 1862. As ranking officer in the regiment, Snider was initially commissioned colonel of the regiment following the death of Colonel Forman at Stones River, but he joined in a petition from the officers of the Fifteenth Kentucky to the governor of Kentucky to appoint Marion Taylor to the colonelcy, and Snider retained his rank as lieutenant colonel. After two months’ leave failed to improve chronic enteritis, Lieutenant Colonel Snider resigned April 5, 1863, and returned to his Shelby County farm. Snider married Emma A. Parker at Mt. Eden on September 6, 1882. He died of Bright’s disease at his home near Waddy, Kentucky, just after midnight on January 21, 1909. He was buried in the family cemetery near Mt. Eden. Snider was survived by his wife, Emma, who died June 10, 1911, and his children Jonas J. Snider, born April 12, 1885 and died September 12, 1909; Joseph Rufus Snider Jr., born July 4, 1887 and died July 1967; Walter Miller Snider, born September 15, 1889 and died February 2, 1935; Peter Roy Snider, born August 3, 1891 and died January 21, 1893; Thomas T. Snider, born August 30, 1893 in Waddy, Kentucky and died July 29, 1952 in Shelby County, Kentucky, and Mary Elizabeth Snider, born July 20, 1897. Mary Elizabeth married David Rich in Louisville on December 26, 1916 and died in 1962.

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