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Night Baseball Comes to Louisville 32 Years Ahead of MLB

History records that the first night baseball game in MLB history was at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field, with the Reds beating the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1.

History . . . okay, Wikipedia . . . records that “There were a couple of exhibition night baseball games in the early 1900s between organized baseball teams. One of them was in 1909, and the other was in 1927 . . . “

So . . . this from the Louisville Courier-Journal, September 6, 1903

To Play Baseball At Night

The management of the Reccius Baseball Club has secured an attraction for next Friday, September 11. The Sioux Indian Baseball Club of Spokane, Wash., will be the team and two games will be played. The usual afternoon game will be called a 3 o’clock and a game will also be played at 8 o’clock that night. The Sioux management has its own car and provide fifty arc lamps for the night’s attraction. The Sioux are from the reservation in Washington and Oregon. They are en route to California, where they close their season December 1.

Ed.: This, of course, raises the question of in what sense Louisville, Kentucky is “en route” from Washington state to California, but hey – first night game in Louisville!

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