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Previewing The (Simulated) 1936 Playoffs – New York Cubans vs. Chicago American Giants

Today, we’re previewing the first second round playoff series of our ongoing 1936 Negro League simulated playoffs – Martin Dihigo’s New York Cubans, upset winner in the first round, versus Bingo DeMoss’ Chicago American Giants.

We begin with the Cubans. The regular catcher was Frank Duncan, who hit .231 for the season. At first base was Dave Thomas, who hit .270. Francisco Correa was the regular second baseman, and he hit .301 for the season. Shortstop Anastasio Santaella was one of the hottest hitters on the squad, hitting .339. Manager Martin Dihigo pitched every fourth day as well as playing center field and third base – he hit .299 with nine home runs for the year. Left fielder Jabbo Andrews hit .351. Center fielder Lazaro Salazar hit .341. Right fielder Clyde Spearman hit .333 for the year.

The Cubans’ rotation consisted of Chet Brewer, who was 5-7 for the year with a 4.29 ERA. Neck Stanley, winner of Game 2 in the Cubans’ first round series, was 5-6 with a 3.41 ERA. Martin Dihigo was 6-2 for the year, with a 3.69 ERA. Johnny Taylor was 3-4 for the year with an ERA of 4.77. The Cubans had four pitchers who regularly pitched in relief – Luis Tiant Sr., father of the immortal Red Sox pitcher, Thomas Albright, Bert Hunter and Lefty Holmes.

The American Giants’ catcher is rookie Joe Greene. Their first baseman is Subby Byas, who has moved from the catching position to make room for Greene. Byas hit .317 for the year. Second baseman Wilbert Labeaux hit only .143 for the year. Shortstop Alex Radcliff hit .321. Third baseman John Prince hit only .185. Left fielder Jack Marshall hit .217. Center fielder Emmett Wilson hit .174. Right fielder Wilson Redus hit .225.

The American Giants had a three-man pitching rotation, consisting of Willie Cornelius, who had an ERA of 6.45 for the year, Norman Cross, whose ERA was 3.75 and K. B. Ivory, whose ERA was 2.00. Melvin Powell has two disastrous starts for the American Giants, ending the season with an ERA of 14.21. The Giants’ relief pitchers were Ted Trent and Walter Thomas.

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