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Remembering Captain John Samuel Churchill of Company A, Fifteenth Kentucky

John Samuel Churchill was born May 23, 1833 in Shelbyville, the son of John and Sarah Churchill. He married Margaret R. Deffenbaugh on January 22, 1857 in Shelby County. He was 5’4 ½” and had a light complexion, gray eyes, and light hair. John Churchill was a tanner. Churchill was promoted to first sergeant on May 8, 1862. On December 24, 1862, he was promoted to second lieutenant. On March 15, 1863, he succeeded Marion C. Taylor as captain of Company A. Captain Churchill was detached to the Louisville draft rendezvous on February 29, 1864. He was appointed post adjutant for the Taylor Barracks in Louisville on June 11, 1864. After his handling of funds was questioned, Churchill demanded a Court of Inquiry. The court did not charge Churchill but did not absolve him either. Churchill died on April 28, 1909 in Burnet, Texas. He and Margaret had four sons: William W. (1862-1917), Thomas Ranck (1869-1947), an unnamed infant son who was born and died in 1871, and John Anthony (1886-1901). They had four daughters: Alice May (1865-1899), Annie (1866-1949), Mary Deffenbaugh (1880-1948), and Sarah Elizabeth (1890-1956).

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