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Remembering Commissary Sergeant Robert Owsley Phelps of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Robert Owsley Phelps, the younger brother of Private Phillip Phelps of Company D, was born December 24, 1836 in LaRue County, Kentucky, the son of Robert Phelps and Elizabeth Jenkins. He was 5’9 ½” with a dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair. Sergeant Phelps was promoted from Company D to commissary sergeant on April 2, 1864 and transferred to the noncommissioned staff. Phelps married Emily Lafollette (1849-1922) on May 19, 1868 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Phelps died on his seventy-ninth birthday – December 24, 1915 – near Lyons, Kentucky. He and Emily had three sons, Samuel R. (1869-1914), William B. (1874-1947) and Robert M. (1876-1959) and three daughters, Nancy E., Sarah S. (1872-1943) and Agnes Jane (1881-1930).

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