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Remembering Corporal Barnabas McHenry Harwood, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Barnabas McHenry Harwood was born on February 1, 1839 in Hartford, Kentucky, the son of Pendleton Harwood and Jane McHenry. A farmer, he was 5’10 1/2”, with a light complexion, gray eyes and dark hair. Corporal Harwood was discharged in the field on October 10, 1862, to accept promotion as first lieutenant of the Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry. Harwood returned to Shelby County after the war but moved to Louisville in 1885 after accepting a position as s storekeeper gauger in the Revenue Service. He married Louisa Connell Armstrong on September 4, 1866. They had four sons: Estill McHenry Harwood (1869-1937), George Pendleton Harwood (1873-1938), Barnabas McHenry Harwood Jr. (1877-1952) and Lemuel McHenry Harwood (1882-?), and three daughters: Anna Wallace Harwood (1867-1944), Mattie Harwood (1873-1930) and Mary Harwood (1879-1926). Harwood died on the morning of September 20, 1888, or brain convulsions at his home at 1117 Brook Street in Louisville. He was buried in Grove Hill Cemetery in Shelby County.

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