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Remembering Corporal Charles Hamilton Pulliam, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Corporal Charles Hamilton Pulliam was born in Bridgeport, Kentucky on May 25, 1842, the son of Barnabas Pulliam and Frances Crockett. A painter when he joined Company A, he was 5’6 ½”, with a light complexion, dark eyes and dark hair. Corporal Pulliam was captured at Huntsville, Alabama on August 31, 1862 and was exchanged December 10, 1862. Corporal Pulliam was transferred to the Second Kentucky Cavalry on December 27, 1864. Pulliam married Jenny Sacra and they had three sons, George Pulliam (1869-?), Ernest Linwood Pulliam (1872-1929) and Harry Porter Pulliam (1879-1962). Pulliam later married Cordelia Brown. He died in Shelbyville on February 12, 1923.

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