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Remembering James D. Moyers, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

James D. Moyers was born in 1841 in Shelby County, Kentucky, the son of James and Jannette Moyers. Moyers was 5’8 ½”, with a light complexion, brown eyes, and black hair. Moyers was captured at the Battle of Perryville, October 8, 1862, and was sent to Camp Chase, to await his exchange. After a month at Camp Chase, he went home. When he was exchange in March 1863, he was transferred to the deserter rolls. Moyers surrendered in Louisville on April 7, 1865 and was sentenced to serve the last two years of his enlistment in Company E of the Thirty-ninth Kentucky Infantry. He married Anna Parker on March 31, 1871 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They had one son, Robert (1876-1952).

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