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Remembering Private Isaac McArter, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Isaac McArter was born March 9, 1818 in Adams County, Ohio, the son of Hiram McArter and Catherine Mackey. A farmer, McArter was 5’7 ½”, with a dark complexion, gray eyes, and gray hair. He married Hannah Wayne on October 14, 1841 in Harrison County, Indiana. They had eight daughters: Mary Jane McArter Douglass (1845-1924), Ruth Ann McArter Newton (1845-1912), Catherine McArter Smith (1848-1916), Rebecca McArter (1852-1852), Letitia McArter Taylor (1852-1922), Nancy (1855-1870), Lavinia McArter Hartell Stobridge (1862-1911) and Susan McArter Beck (1873-1923). They had three sons: Hiram (1851-1908), Robert (1853-1868) and William (1858-1893). Private McArter was wounded in the throat at the Battle of Perryville and died of his wounds on November 12, 1862 in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Image courtesy of Pixabay by 12019 (no changes).

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