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Remembering Private Isaac McArter, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Isaac McArter was born March 9, 1818 in Adams County, Ohio, the son of Hiram McArter and Catherine Mackey. A farmer, McArter was 5’7 ½”, with a dark complexion, gray eyes, and gray hair. He married Hannah Wayne on October 14, 1841 in Harrison County, Indiana. They had eight daughters: Mary Jane McArter Douglass (1845-1924), Ruth Ann McArter Newton (1845-1912), Catherine McArter Smith (1848-1916), Rebecca McArter (1852-1852), Letitia McArter Taylor (1852-1922), Nancy (1855-1870), Lavinia McArter Hartell Stobridge (1862-1911) and Susan McArter Beck (1873-1923). They had three sons: Hiram (1851-1908), Robert (1853-1868) and William (1858-1893). Private McArter was wounded in the throat at the Battle of Perryville and died of his wounds on November 12, 1862 in Lebanon, Kentucky.

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