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Remembering Private William Shadrack Casey, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

William Shadrack Casey was born in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1846, the son of Appolos and Julia Casey. He likely misrepresented his age to qualify for enlistment. Casey was 5’10 ½”, with a dark complexion, gray eyes and light hair. A farmer, Casey was briefly charged with forgery in 1864. The charges were dropped in July 1864. Casey dabbled in politics after the war, seeking a seat in the Kentucky General Assembly in the 1897 election as the nominee of the People’s Party. Casey died on July 11, 1898, in Shelby County. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery near Todd’s Point, Shelby County, next to his wife, Lucinda Ensminger. They had two daughters, Lucy Ann (1867-1935) and Fannie Casey Procter (1876-1922), and three sons, William E. (1869- ), John Taylor (1872-1951) and Isaac Ivey Casey (1882-1952).

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