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Remembering Robert Henry Edrington, Company A of Fifteenth Kentucky

Robert Edrington, the older brother of Joseph Edrington, was born March 11, 1838, in Franklin County, Kentucky. A farmer, he was 5’11 ½”, with a light complexion, blue eyes and dark hair. Edrington married Martha Ellen Graves in Shelby County on January 16, 1866. He had nineteen children (!) of which I’ve managed to identify 16. Edrington appears to have had at least three children with an unidentified first wife: Mary (1856-1857), Allen (1859-1860) and Elizabeth (1862-1863). He and Martha had at least eleven sons: Harvey (1866-1867), James Benjamin (1866-1949), William Frank (1868-1910), Charles Harrison (1869-1935), John R. (1872-1872), Francis H. (1874-1940), Robert K. (1876-1893), Ora Edgar (1879-1880), Clifford (1881-1908), Jesse (1884-1901) and George (1885-1897). They had at least two daughters: Nannie Lucy Edrington Helmick (1871-1946) and Mary Zerelda Edrington Owens Helmick (1878-1949). Edrington died in Litchfield, Illinois on December 1, 1925.

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