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Remembering Second Lieutenant Francis Adams Winlock

Francis Adams Winlock was born September 7, 1841 in Shelby County, the son of Dr. Robert Bealle and Sarah Louise Adams Winlock. Winlock was the grandson of Gen. Joseph Winlock, who was a member of the convention that wrote Kentucky’s first constitution. Lieutenant Winlock resigned November 24, 1862. He married Mary Hensley on October 12, 1864, at the home of Julia Ann Tevis in Shelbyville. Winlock died January 10, 1885 in Shelbyville, and is buried next to his wife in the Winlock Cemetery, four miles south of Shelbyville on Ky. 55. Francis and Mary had three sons, William Crawford (1865-1938), George W. (1869 - ) and Hensley (1869-1886) and two daughters, Mary Louise Duvall (1867-1954) and Annie Adams (1872-1897).

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