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Remembering Surgeon Edward Howard Dunn of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Edward Howard Dunn was born July 25, 1836 in Louisville, the son of John Oswald Dunn and Augusta Stansbury. He was promoted from assistant surgeon following the resignation of Dr. Richard Logan on November 28, 1862. For a short time after the war, Dr. Dunn was assistant physician at the Missouri Hospital for the Insane in Fulton, Missouri. He moved to Baltimore, where he married Mary Louisa Thorpe on July 26, 1866. The couple had three children: Oswald Thorpe, Daisy Gertrude and Charles Howard. Dr. Dunn gave up his practice after suffering a paralytic stroke, and he began working for the B&O Railroad. He died on August 16, 1893 in Mt. Washington, Maryland.

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