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Shakespeare Festival in Cincinnati

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, March 23, 1884

The programme of the Cincinnati Dramatic Festival has been decided as follows: Monday, April 21, “Julius Caesar,” with Tom. Keene as Marc Antony, Fred. Warde as Brutus and R. B. Mitchell as Cassius. An effort will be made to get Keene to play Cassius, and let Mantell have Antony. Tuesday, “Twelfth Night,” with Robson and Crane and Modjeska. Wednesday, “Romeo and Juliet,” with Mantell as Romeo, Modjeska as Juliet and Warde as Mercutio. Thursday, “Comedy of Errors,” with Robson and Crane as the Two Dromios and Mantell and Mr. Lipman. Friday, “As You Like It,” with Tom Keene as Jacques, Warde as Orlando, Robson as Touchstone and Fanny Davenport as Rosalind. Saturday matinee, “Othello,” with Keene as the Moor, Warde as Iago, Modjeska as Desdemona and Agnes Booth as Emilie. Saturday evening, “King Henry IV,” with John Jack as Falstaff, Tom. Keene as Hotspur and Warde as Prince Hal.

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