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Surgeon Luther P. Wetherby of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Surgeon Luther Paris Wetherby – Dr. Luther Paris Wetherby, the son of Charles Silas Wetherby and La Moille Shaw, was born March 20, 1834, in Jericho, Vermon. Both of Dr. Wetherby’s parents were doctors; after his father’s death, his mother received a medical education and took over Dr. Wetherby Sr.’s practice. Luther Wetherby graduated from the Castleton Medical College in Vermont in 1857, having taught school at Canton, New York, in order to raise the tuition. In 1858, having emigrated to Kentucky, Wetherby graduated from the Louisville School of Medicine. Dr. Wetherby resigned from the 15th Kentucky on July 16, 1862 due to chronic dysentery and returned to his home in Middletown, Kentucky. He married Hattie Louisa Brown in 1863. They had six children: Charles Silas, Susanna Wetherby Winchester, Henry Abel, Luther Paris Jr., Samuel Davis and La Moille Wetherby. After the war, Dr. Wetherby served on the board of the Central State Hospital and practiced medicine and surgery in partnership with Dr. D. R. Goldsmith. Hattie Brown Wetherby died on May 31, 1872, and Dr. Luther Paris Wetherby died September 29, 1872 in Middletown, Kentucky. Dr. Wetherby’s grandson, Lawrence Winchester Wetherby, was governor of Kentucky from 1950 to 1955.

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