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The Chicago American Giants vs. the New York Cubans in the Deciding Game of the Wild Card Series

We’ve moved to New York’s Dyckman Oval for Game 3 of the 1936 Wild Card Series, the Chicago American Giants vs. the New York Cubans. The Cubans have won the first two games, so it’s all on the line for the American Giants. The American Giants will be going with Ted Trent for Game 3, and the Cubans will be starting manager Martin Dihigo.

The Cubans led off the scoring in the bottom of the second when Jabbo Andrews led off with a booming home run to deep center field. Both pitchers managed to keep command for the next several innings, as neither the American Giants nor the Cubans managed to get more than a base runner an inning. The American Giants mounted a mild threat in the top of the seventh when Herman Dunlap led off with a double, followed by shortstop Ted Strong’s walk. Wilson Redus sacrificed the runners over to second and third, but Subby Byas forced Dunlap at home and pitcher Ted Trent ended the inning with a line drive to Cubans’ second baseman Francisco Correa.

Jabbo Andrews started the Cubans’ second rally too. With one out in the bottom of the seventh, he hit a double to the left-center gap. Anastasio Santaella hit a weak ground ball to second, with Andrews advancing over to third on the throw. Third baseman Silvio Garcia scored the Cubans’ second run with a booming triple off the right field wall, and Francisco Correa followed on the next pitch with a triple to right-center field.

With the Cubans leading and the series on the line, Dihigo bore down. In the eighth, he got the American Giants 1-2-3 on a line out by Jack Marshall, a fly ball by Lou Dials and a fly ball by Henry McCall. In the top of the ninth, Dihigo got Alex Radcliff on a swinging strike three. He then popped up Herman Dunlap to foul territory right of the first base line and got Ted Strong to end the game on a bouncing ground ball to short.

So our third series is over, and once again, we have an upset, as the New York Cubans advance with a three-game sweep over the favored Chicago American Giants.

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