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The Theatre and Mr. Henderson – Macbeth Comes to Lexington

From the Kentucky Gazette, Christmas Day 1823

The celebrated tragedy of Macbeth with the grand melodrama of Don Juan are advertised for Saturday evening, for the benefit of Mr. Henderson. If industry, perseverance and a faithful discharge of all the professional duties assigned him, constitute merit, deserves to be rewarded, this gentleman has strong claims on the public patronage. He has never aspired to represent the strongly marked characters of deep tragedies, and is not chargeable with having disgusted an audience with attempts on the stage to which he was unequal, what he has attempted he has done well – He is, also, it is said, stage manager and we are indebted to him for much of that interior management on which the play depends; and he has therefore done much more for the gratification of the lovers of the drama than they have generally been aware of. A generous public will not suffer great but modest merit like that of Mr. H to go unrewarded. Between the play and afterpiece, with the characters distributed as they appear on the bills, present attractions which are but rarely held out to our Theatre.

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