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A Recruiting Ad for the Fifteenth Kentucky

From the Louisville Journal, September 18, 1861

Rally! boys! rally! beneath the Stars and Stripes;

Rally! boys! rally! the traitor foe to fight!

Shall we, Old Kentuck's heroic sons, remain inactive while our grand old State is being invaded and laid waste? Shall we, the noble sons of noble sires, fold our hands supinely while our glorious country is bleeding from a thousand wounds inflicted by a traitorous hand? No! No! a thousand times NO!!! We will rally around Our time scarred Standard, and meet them undaunted, while lo! from our Hill the grand Eagle comes swooping and waves to the brave the American Star.

We have been authorized to raise a Company of Infantry, to be mustered into the service of the United States, to be called the O. K. Rifles. This Company will compose a part of the Regiment now being raised by Colonels Curran Pope and Geo. P. Jouett and Major W. P. Campbell. All who desire to unite with us can apply at headquarters, corner Fourth street and Levee.

T. H. TINDELL, Captain.

JNO. S. HILL, 1st Lieut.

Or at my Office on Main st., between Fourth and Fifth.


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