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Recruiting Editorial From the Journal

From the Louisville Journal, September 19, 1861

The Courier says that we announce very cooly and placidly that Col. Curran Pope's regiment will go into camp at the Fair Grounds near this city, and asks how such an announcement would have been received by the people in May, June, or August.

The Editor really seems to think it an outrage that Col. Pope is to encamp upon Kentucky soil, and appears to be amazed that any one can announce the fact calmly and placidly. The Confederate armies from Tennessee have seized the cities and towns in the lower part of Kentucky; they have entered Southern Kentucky in force, entrenched themselves in strong positions in Knox county, and made prisoners of the Home Guard; and they are threatening daily and nightly to make an irruption into Bowling Green and even into Louisville over the Nashville railroad; and yet here is a secession Editor who is or affects to be profoundly astonished at our announcing calmly and placidly that col. Pope, a Kentuckian, dares to encamp with a Kentucky regiment upon Kentucky soil! Truly the impudence of secessionists transcends the impudence of Satan!

How is it possible for any portion of an honest community to have the least patience with an Editor, who, after all that has occurred within the last two or three weeks, treats it as an insufferable outrage that a Kentucky regiment, made up of our Kentucky friends and neighbors, presumes to encamp near our city!

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