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Falstaff Comes to Louisville

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, April 29, 1867

Louisville Theater – Jolly Old Jack Falstaff will make his debut at this establishment to-night in the person of that great eccentric actor, Mr. J. H. Hackett. One of the richest of dramatic entertainments is Shakespeare’s Henry IV, introducing the puffy and inglorious Sir John at the battle of Shrewsburg, pitting his ragamuffins against the men in buckram. We shall have the opportunity to-night of enjoying this and the kindred scenes and incidents in all their ludicrousness. Mr. Hackett is one of the few actors who have essayed the odd character of Falstaff, and he is confessedly the most successful of them all. Those who witness the performance to-night will laugh and grow almost as fat as the rotund Sir John himself. Mr. Hackett’s engagement will be one of the most popular of the season, no doubt.

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