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Killing Time Again – Competing Archbishops, Throwin’ Shade

Gotta buy a little more time for the main actors to get ready for the next set piece, so cue the Archbishops of . . . (checks notes) . . . Canterbury and York. Canterbury starts things off by telling York ya work for me, ya little twit, so make with the bended knee.

York responds with what basically amounts to I’m rubber, yer glue, etc., etc., ya picked the wrong horse in the Civil War, C-B.

Canterbury proclaims that York had best abandon Eddie Ironside and get with the C-Nut train before it’s too late, and oh by the way, remember that “You work for me, punk” part. York responds that well, at least Eddie’s from around here, oh dastardly follower of furriners, thou.

Canterbury responds with the somewhat inscrutable line “Oh I could eat thee.” He wants to whack York over the head with his crozier, which begins to sound suspiciously like the plot of an old Warner Brothers cartoon. York rolls his eyes, calls C-B a Satan-worshiper (yeah, that was a thing even back then) and stalks out.

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