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Louisville To Have a Team in New Baseball League

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, December 28, 1910

Louisville Negro Team May be in New Baseball League

In all probability a negro baseball team representing Louisville will join the movement taken by other cities to form a National League, a series of games to be played in the cities on the circuit on Saturdays and Sundays to avoid extra railroad fare.

A meeting will be held in Chicago today looking to the formation of a National League by the negroes in several cities.

New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis and Indianapolis are said to be in the proposed circuit. New Orleans, it is said, will have two teams and that one will play while the other aggregation is on the road.

Beauregard F. Moseley, of Chicago, is said to be the leading promoter in the movement.

James Stringer, of Louisville, owner of the Louisville Cubs, has been corresponding with various men in the cities on the proposed circuit, but has not decided whether he will join the movement or not.

If the league includes Louisville the games will be played at the old National League park, Twenty-eighth and Broadway.

A team in the proposed circuit should be a great drawing card on Saturdays and Sundays as there is a great number of negro fans in the city who would attend the games.

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