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More Shakespeare in Louisville

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, November 17, 1899

Miss Kidder in Dual Role

Vladimir de Facheammn

Great Chopin Recital at Liederkranz Hall

Macauley’s – “School for Scandal” and “Macbeth.”

Temple – The Moffert Stock Company in “Franchon the Cricket.”

Avenue – “Sowing the Wind.”

Macauley’s – “A Winter’s Tale.”

Leontes – Mr. Hanford

Mamillius – Miss Elizabeth Barriscale

Camille – Mr. Thos. Coffin Cooke

Antigonus – Mr Harry Longdon

Cleomenes – MR. George McCulla

Dion – Mr. James Du Sang

Phocion – Mr. J. L. McVicker

Thasius – Mr. Robert Jameson

A Mariner – Mr. Harvey Cassidy

A Glacier – Mr. W. M. McRea

Hermione – Miss Kidder

Perdita – Miss Kidder

Emilia – Miss Aphie James

Lamia – Miss Gertrude Bannister

Cleonal – Miss Emily Grey Bethel

Hero – Mrs. Henry Vandenhoff

Panadama – Miss Bessie McCulla

Polixenes – Mr. Harry Johnstone

Florizel – Mr. Norman Hackett

Archidamus – Mr. W. A. Lincoln

Autolycus – Mr. James

Old Shepherd – Mr. John A. Ellsier

Clown – Mr. Cullin Kamper

Neatherd – Mr. Henry Wright

Mopea – Miss Aphie James

Dorcas – Mrs. Henry Vandenhoff

Adama – Miss Bannister

Ebora – Miss Bessie McCulla

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