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Pop Lloyd On the Move?

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

From The New York Age, September 12, 1925

John Henry Lloyd May Manage Lincoln Giants Next Season

An unconfirmed rumor has it that John Henry Lloyd, affectionately known to baseball fans throughout the East as “Pop” Lloyd, will manage the Lincoln Giants in New York next season. Lloyd is now manager of the Bacharach Giants in Atlantic City, but his contract with that team expires at the end of this season and reports have it that he has already signified his intention not to renew it.

The Lincolns now have a wealth of young material, who, under the guidance of an experienced leader and player, such as Lloyd, might develop into the championship combination New York fans have dreamed of for the past three seasons.

19 Years in the Game

“Pop” Lloyd has been playing professional baseball continuously since 1906. During this time he has played with almost every team of note in the country. Ten years ago he helped to give the Lincolns their first fame. He was the developer and manager of the Hilldale team until three years ago, and is generally given credit for building up the strong combination the Philadelphians have.

At the time he went to the Bacharachs, the affairs of that team were in a chaotic state, largely because of the split – one part of the team going to New York as the New York Bacharachs under John Connors, and the other remaining in Atlantic City as the “Original Bacharachs.” With limited resources and material Lloyd has developed a team that has stood third in the Eastern League for two years, and which in many respects is second only to Hilldale.

Because of his record as a player and his known ability as manager and leader of men, the New York fans would be especially proud if he were called to develop a championship club in his city.

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