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Remembering Chaplain Jeremiah Jeptha Talbott of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Jeremiah Jeptha Talbott was born in Indiana on June 22, 1833, the son of Richard Colegate Talbott and Eliza Ragan Moore. The first Chaplain of the Fifteenth Kentucky, he presided at the joint funeral of Colonel Curran Pope and Lieutenant Colonel George P. Jouett. He resigned August 7, 1862, having contracted chronic pneumonia in the army. He returned to Calvary Episcopal Church and soon presided at the funerals of Major William Campbell and General William “Bull” Nelson. He resigned his post as rector of Calvary Church in December 1862 due to the pro-Southern sentiments of the congregation. Reverend Talbott had married Elizabeth Taw Jones in Louisville on New Years’ Day 1857. They had three children – Margaret Newland Talbott Churchill Bullitt (1847-1914), who had a daughter with her first husband and five daughters and two sons with her second husband, Hendrick Talbott, born in 1861, and Curran P. Talbott – named after the Fifteenth Kentucky’s first colonel – who was born in 1864 and died in San Antonio in 1925.

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