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Remembering Corporal Frederick Elbert, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Frederick Elbert was born on July 28, 1841 in Louisville, the son of Joseph John Elbert and Eva Katherine Mattoff. He was a stonecutter. Elbert was 5’11 ½”, with a dark complexion, gray eyes and dark hair. Elbert was promoted to corporal on January 16, 1863. He served as regimental color bearer from July 1863 through October 1864. Elbert married Sarah Ann Lenau in Harrison County, Indiana in 1866. Frederick and Sarah had six sons: Michael (1875-1940), John (1877-?); Noah Frederick (1880-1963), Joseph Strother (1882-1915), Sidney Matthew (1887-1960) and Leo Augustus (1890-1966), and five daughters: Sara Eva Elbert Melton (1866-1911), Mary Elbert Melton (1868-1946), Lucy Elnora Elbert Gerdon (1870-1942), Emma Lee Elbert Saffer (1878-1908) and Lydia E. Elbert Rhodes (1884-1955). Frederick died in Laconia, Indiana on June 16, 1925.

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