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Remembering Corporal Henry T. Shindler, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Henry Shindler was born in Shelby County, Kentucky around 1841, the son of John Shindler and Mary F. Campbell. A farmer, he was 5’6”, with a fair complexion, gray eyes and light hair. Henry Shindler was promoted to corporal on March 16, 1863. He was wounded in front of Buzzards Roost on May 10, 1864. Shindler died February 4, 1884, in New Albany, Indiana. According to his obituary in the Shelby County Sentinel, he died of “softening of the brain.” (According to Wikipedia, the technical name for this is encephalomalacia, and it can be caused by bleeding or inflammation related to strike, ischemia or cerebral hemorrhage. He is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery in Shelby County.

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