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Remembering First Lieutenant Henry Martin Lyle

Henry Martin Lyle was born December 15, 1837 in Shelby County. Lyle was 5’9” and had a light complexion, gray eyes and dark hair. A farmer, Lyle was promoted from the ranks to sergeant on May 8, 1862. On November 24, 1862, he was promoted to first sergeant. On March 16, 1863, he was promoted to first lieutenant, replacing Coleman Spencer Daniel. Lieutenant Lyle resigned on October 26, 1863, stating in his letter that the small size of the company at that point in the war – only thirty-four enlisted men remained – made him a surplus officer. Colonel Taylor praised Lyle in endorsing the resignation, asking that extra officers either be mustered out or, better yet, detailed home to recruit, filling up the regiment. Lyle returned to his Shelby County farm after the war. He dropped dead of a heart attack on January 26, 1902 after teaching a Sunday School class at Assembly Presbyterian Church, where he was Sunday School superintendent. Lyle is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery in Shelby County. He as a charter member of the Curran Pope Post of the G.A.R. He married Emma Gertrude Shewalter (1840-1919) in 1857. They had three sons: Charles Fullens (1858-1858), Cyrus Hamilton (1863-1952) and Harry Woodward (1865-1953) and one daughter, Arabella Abby Lyle Burrow (1860-1952).

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