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Remembering First Sergeant William H. Beatty

William H. Beatty was born in Shelby County and was about twenty-two when the war began. A farmer, he was 5’7” and had a light complexion, blue eyes and light hair. Sergeant Beatty was promoted to corporal on October 12, 1862 and to sergeant on New Years’ Day 1863. On May 6, 1863, he was promoted to first sergeant. Sergeant Beatty was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga on September 20, 1863. After his capture, he was transferred to Richmond on September 29, 1863. On December 12, 1863, he was transferred to Danville, Virginia. Following that, he was moved to Andersonville. Beatty was released at the end of the war and sent to Vicksburg, Virginia. He was killed in the explosion of the Sultana on April 27, 1865.

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