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Remembering Joseph B. Edrington, Company A of Fifteenth Kentucky

Joseph B. Edrington was born in Franklin County, Kentucky on June 22, 1841, the son of Joseph Morris Edrington and Lucy Johnson. A farmer, he was 5’11”, with a light complexion, blue eyes and dark hair. Private Edrington was reduced to ranks from corporal on April 12, 1862. Edrington married Fannie C. Warwick in 1880 and had two daughters, Josephine B. Edrington Ruff (1883-after 1940) and Alice Ethel Edrington Donahue (1892-1948), and two sons, Francis Marion (1885-1940) and Stanley (1889-1933). Edrington died in Louisville on October 12, 1862 and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery.

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