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Remembering Private Charles A. Sale, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

Charles Sale was born on February 7, 1827 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, the son of William Sale and Elizabeth B. Joyes. He was 5’7 ½”, with a dark complexion, gray eyes and black hair. Sale was recruited by Capt. Marion Taylor in Louisville on September 12, 1862. Private Sale was wounded at the Battle of Chattahoochee River, July 9, 1864. Sale reenlisted and was transferred to the Second Kentucky Cavalry on December 27, 1864. He married Carrie Williams in June 1851 in Fleming County, Kentucky. They had four daughters: Bettie J. Sale Reese (1853-1928), Carrie F. Sale (1857-1900), Blanche C. Sale Clemmons (1858-1927) and Nannie Sale Boone (1873-1958). He married Nancy Canzada Gibbs in 1880. They had two sons, Edward W. (1880-1956) and Thomas (1882-1966) and three daughters: Bessie (1886-1975), Sallie Sale Hudson (1889-1940) and Mildred J. (1891-1956). Sale died February 24, 1897.

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