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Remembering Quartermaster Sergeant William Mansfield Tilden of the Fifteenth Kentucky

William Mansfield Tilden was born December 27, 1821 in Lowell, Massachusetts, the son of William Tilden and Ruth Mansfield. Private Tilden was transferred to the command staff as quartermaster sergeant on December 15, 1861. Tilden was captured while traveling with the wagon train on October 2, 1862, not long before the Battle of Perryville. He was dropped as a deserter on February 17, 1864. He was arrested on March 6, 1864, returned to camp, and tried by a general court-martial for desertion. He was acquitted April 28, 1864. Tilden married Clara Webb (1828-1901) on October 10, 1848 in Bardstown. They had three sons – George E. (1850-1930), John Webb (1864-1936) and William (1872-1918) and five daughters – Clara M. (1852-1918), Ella (1854-1911), Sara Elizabeth (1860-1948), Mame (1867-1944) and Minnie (1870-1942). Tilden died in Louisville on Christmas Day 1872.

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