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Remembering Sergeant James Samuel McConnell, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

James Samuel McConnell was born on June 9, 1845 in Clay Village, Shelby County, Kentucky, the son of John McConnell and Susan Newton. He was 5’11”, with a light complexion, gray eyes and dark hair. Sergeant McConnell reenlisted and was transferred to the Second Kentucky Cavalry on December 27, 1864. He married Senia Paine Rutherford (1851-1912) in 1869. They had seven sons, Walter Sylvester (1871-1954), Robert Gray (1875-1951), Harry C. (1880-1914), Edward P. (1884-1934), George (1887-1948), Wallace M. (1889-1952) and Earle Payne (1892-1976) and two daughters, Annie (1878-1947) and Georgia Bess (1883-1954). McConnell died in Shelbyville on July 13, 1915.

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