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Remembering Sergeant William Jordan Ballard, Company A of the Fifteenth Kentucky

William Jordan Ballard was born on July 22, 1845 in LaGrange in Oldham County, the son of Camden Montague Ballard (great name!) and Lavinia Harrison Railey. He was 5’7” and had a light complexion, gray eyes and light hair. William Ballard was promoted to corporal on December 24, 1862, and to sergeant on March 16, 1863. Sergeant Ballard was wounded before Atlanta on August 19, 1864. He married Mary B. Moody in Shelby County on December 13, 1865. He died February 6, 1931 in Danville, Illinois. William and Mary had two sons, Curtis Warren (1868-1955) and John Allen (1871-1926).

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