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Remembering the Reverend William Charles Marriott Atmore, Second Chaplain of the Fifteenth Kentucky

The Reverend William Charles Marriott Atmore, the second Chaplain of the Fifteenth Kentucky, was born December 6, 1801 in Gloucestershire, England. He was the son of Charles Atmore and Harriett Chadwick. Reverend Atmore, a Methodist minister, married Mary Wood on November 14, 1822 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. He emigrated in the summer of 1836, landing in New York City of August 3, 1836. Reverend Atmore passed away in Jefferson County on August 30, 1880. The Atmores had one son, Charles Pawson Atmore, who was born in Devonshire in 1832 and died in Jefferson County on May 29, 1900. Charles Atmore’s oldest child was born in 1853, so Reverend Atmore was a grandfather five times over when he served in the Fifteenth Kentucky.

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