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Stitch Is Lording For All He’s Worth

Stitch is parading around the stage in Edricus’ Lording outfit, and he is most definitely not down with that whole Remember Where You Came From nonsense. He loudly suggests to his former fellow servants that if they want to better themselves, they should just check out how star-spangled awesome he’s become, but in the meantime, carry my cloak and rapier, you Little People!

And in the next scene, no doubt Stitch will be changing his party registration to Republican.

A member of the staff named Roger Rakehell . . . no, I am not making this up . . . pipes up and says Yo, you actually mean we’ve gotta serve you, who was a Little People just like us like fifteen minutes ago, just because of your fancy clothes?

Stitch threatens to throw ol’ Rog outta the house, but ultimately settles by ordering the staff to trail him three feet behind, and by golly, Rog can plant himself in dead last place. That’ll fix his wagon.

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