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The Eagles Hit Nine Home Runs . . . and Lose?

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, July 31, 1867

Colored Base Ball – There are two fancy clubs of colored base ball players in this city – the Eagles and the Mohawks. The Eagles are composed principally of Bates House attaches, while the Mohawks are miscellaneously composed of tonsorial gentlemen from all quarters of the city. For some time there has been a hot rivalry between the Eagles and the Mohawks, and a short time since they got up a match game for the championship and an “ebony” bat, to decide the vexed question of superiority.

From one of the Mohawks we learn that the game was hotly contested and finally resulted in the triumph of the Hawks, whereupon the Eagles kicked up a muss and soon got cleaned out by the warlike Mohawks, whereupon the grandest skedaddle on record occurred. The Eagles made nine splendid “home runs.” The Mohawks tried to catch them “on the fly,” but they flew too fast – faster in fact than the brickbats which followed them.

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