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The Louisville Journal Encourages Enlistments

From The Louisville Journal, September 10, 1861

We invite attention to the Military Call which we publish this morning from Messrs. Pope, Jouett, and Campbell. The Call we do not doubt will be answered promptly and eagerly. Assuredly it shall be. The cause in whose behalf the Call is made is one of the most sacred and stupendous for which the sword was ever drawn; and the men who make the Call are among the very truest and most capable in all this noble and gallant Commonwealth. Col. Pope to military talents of a high order adds a military education at West Point and all the virtues and graces of a Christian gentleman. Lieutenant-Colonel Jouett is a born soldier. His ability and gallantry are both of the purest stamp. Major Campbell is in all respects worthy of his associates in command. Let their regiment be filled without a week’s delay. The foot of the invader is now polluting the soil of Kentucky. The field of battle is once more in our eventful history the field of honor and glory. Image courtesy of Pixabay by Clarence Alford.

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