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Who Are These People (Part 2)?

Enter Emma the Norman.


Well, not that we’ve been introduced yet, but apparently this is Daddy Unready’s comely Wife No. 2. She’s dragging along her sons – and thus, Ironside’s half-brothers – Prince Alfred and Prince Edward, who will become in latter days King Edward the Confessor. (No word on whether the name originated from his tendency to bore bystanders by listing all his mistakes, or from a weird ability to make other people want to confess to him, because y’know, he just looks so trustworthy, like he’d understand. Which come to think of it would be a quality that would be interesting for about forty-eight hours before becoming really annoying. But once again, I digress).

Anyhow, things are getting a little hot at the Castle, and Step-Mom has decided to pack the young half-brothers off for an impromptu trip to see her brother, who fortunately happens to have inherited a lovely little property called Normandy – he’s DBA Duke Richard the Good (who was no fun at parties). Emma is just a leetle too fond of these kids, so they do the standard overwrought and just a little too attached mother thing before packing ‘em off in the limo . . . the boys are going “yeah, yeah, gotcha ma, we’ll write every day, we’re outta here,” and she keeps pulling them back. And finally, she announces she’s gonna see ‘em all the way to the boat.

If you’re thinking “So what was the point of that scene, then?!?” Well, gotta give folks time for a quick loo break, don’t we?

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